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Rules of the ROBLOX Global forum

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18 Jan 2013 02:41 PM
First off, you should read The Rules for All Forums.

This forum is for finding other players from your country and to find online pen pals from other lands.

1. Do not ask someone where they live - in detail. You can ask what country and state/province they are from but not the city.
2. Do not say where you live - in detail. You can say the country and state/province but not the city.
3. Do not make verbal attacks against countries or cultures. No personal or national attacks!
4. Do not say one country is better than the other.
5. Do not talk about wars in detail.

Regarding posting in foreign languages, we encourage you to post and learn other languages here. All the rules of ROBLOX still apply here.

1. You may talk here in any language.
2. No personal attacks or swearing in other languages. Our mods will delete any thread reported of being inappropriate in a foreign language.
3. No putting down other languages or saying one country is better than the other.
4. Webdings, binary, leetspeak, and anything else that isn't a real language do not belong here.

Regarding Politics:

Talking about nations and regions often bring up the topic of politics. Civil discussions of international relations will generally be considered ok. Hot-button topics such as gun control, birth control, religious wars, and the death penalty are straight up flame bait. They are divisive topics that will lead directly to flame wars. This isn't a debate club. We don't want to see flame wars on this forum.
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