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HHCL Hockey, 3 on 3

You need JavaScript enabled to view this video.
You need JavaScript enabled to view this video.
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3 on 3 version

Update 3.01
The Finnish Elite Teams have been Added Thanks to 000chuzzy
AI Goalie Update
PG Goal Detection should be fixed
and various bug fixes

Fighting help:
Note: To Fight there must be a game running, and after the whistle is blown there must have been a hit made. Only then can you press T to challenge someone to a fight where they respond back with T.
Fight Controls: W and D to Punch and S to duck.

Some credit goes too:
tgross25: for his NHL Uniforms
Under Armour Sporting Goods: for AHL Uniforms
Nascarfan4,Remeur,Gh0stRecon49,UltimateSifter9805 and some others: for the Stadiums 
Bobbysayhi: For the Trailer Video

Custom Stick Tutorial (by IBuildBetterThanYou):

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