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Roblox Fifa 14- Making New Teams!-Uniforms!

Roblox Fifa 14- Making New Teams!-Uniforms!_Image
Roblox Fifa 14- Making New Teams!-Uniforms!_Image
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Its Back! One Of Roblox's #1 Soccer games return with Unlimited Possiblites and new goalie and Player AI take the pitch. With free adverstising for our sponsors Roblox Fifa 13 we want everyone to play our game. Play as Portugal or Italy In a Extremely detailed arena. Go Coast to coast with Shots or passes with the clearance or low shot tool. Dont forget to dance your... Off after scoring your glorious goal! We Also Thank Fifa, Uefa and EA Sports for brands,Sponsors, and Art. Update: New Ad's and fixed "Invisible Patricio" glitch! Tired of these same old teams? Lets make a difference! To add new teams message me the two teams you would like to have in the game! The Teams with the most requests get to star in Roblox Fifa 13!
Total Number of Participants in contest: 7
Thank you for your Participation. :D

AND ITS ANNOUNCED!!! The New Teams Coming To Roblox Fifa 13 Is....

Real Madrid Vs. FC. Barcelona    :D

Okay It is NOT fully completed.... Just Enjoy the Pre-Update
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