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Stop it, Slender!

Stop it, Slender! [Beta] (Read description.)_Image
Stop it, Slender! [Beta] (Read description.)_Image
Stop it, Slender!_Image
Stop it Slender! [Read description.]_Image
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One player is chosen to be Slenderman every round, and they must keep the other players from collecting pages! You know, by killing them.

This is a remake of the GMod gamemode. (lol i copied it lololol)

You can earn player points here too. Up to 50 points per round!

Also, headphones are recommended.

Play on the PC for a better experience.

Inspired by Darkness 2.

Twitter: @Kinnis97_RBX
Facebook Page: Kinnections
Twitch Livestream: Kinnis

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Ersteller: Kinnis97
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