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NINJAGO: Tournament of the Elements



There will be player points soon! Ninjago:Rebooted is a custom theme which takes place in the future and after the defeat of the Nindroids.But the Ninja must face a new peril to save ninjago. "After the defeat of the Nindroids,General Cryptor gets his good side memory back and the Ninja and the citizens celebrate right next to Borg Tower to honner Kai,Jay,Zane,Cole,and Lloyd Garmadon for wiping out the Nindroid Warmonger. But on another multiverse, Where Lloyd Garmadon wiped out the Evil counter part of General Cryptor, The evil counter part of Cryptor becomes General Kaon gets revived Sensei Wu's worst villain he put in the Tower of Tears.While The 4 original ninja found out that Cryptor has been revived and is activating the Spirital Portal to get Revenge on the Ninja.But when Team Ninjago arrives, they are in trouble. the ninja now make a quest to find the 6 Sacred Blades and light up their Darkest Hour and save Ninjago once and for all."

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This game does not sell any virtual items or power-ups.

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