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[Intern Racing Chair 2014] Hyperbike v. Rotorcycle

By Undue


ADDED: Intern Racing Chair 2014 FIXED: Grey landscape (from Roblox update) ADDED: Bloxster 2XH. Standard speed: 250 SPS (instead of 70 SPS on Roblox version); VIP versions are 350SPS and 750SPS. UPDATED: Includes modified CLOUD 9 SNOWBOARD (original board max speed: 70; modified board max speed: 350) "Odd" speed test. Check it out on YouTube: Please rate a thumbs up or let me know what needs improvement. Thank you. Hallowcycle added to starter pack and game passes. [Updates] - New LONG Track added. I will add checkpoints to it. Be patient, but enjoy the ride. EASY TRACK: Click the 'Easy Track' button on the left side to ride the track without obstacles. Watch out for the intersection at the bottom!

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