Hi robloxians. If you see me call me Ben. I like making my site, and helping others with sites. In roblox I like shooting games, obbys, even places were you can just see the person's work. In my games you can even give me ideas. Please tell me if you favorited any of my games. If you did favorite any of my games tell me you will get money. The amount of money you get is depending on how many people favorited. I will give you the money by the end of the day onless I'm grounded. Check out wombeast he is cool and my best friend in real life, but he moved. I like the song Jeremy by Pearl Jam. Pearl Jam is my favorite band. I am really cool.

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  • RNAF(Roblox National Armed Forces)

    RNAF team, those of you who have joined and or stayed. I welcome you, and thank you. I've had a little troubles in my life but they're done with. I'm back, and I'm staying as RNAF leader, once we get more members, I'd be happy to make people admins. RNAF isn't meant to be a HUGE group. Maybe someday it will be. We want people to look at your profile after an epic game of sword fight on the heights, and look to see what group you joined that teaches you how to fight like that. And we're hoping one of them is us. Join today, we're working together slowly. It's taken awhile, but we will soon be there!

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  • Transfans group

    ROBLOX's first and largest Transformers fan group! If you're a fan of Transformers, then go ahead and join us to discuss our favorite giant transforming robots! *BEWARE OF SPOILERS*! If you haven't seen Transformers 4 and don't want to be spoiled, it's best if you avoid looking at the group discussion as much as possible!

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